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8 times 0-180° changeable angle binocular observation lens, 12.5X eyepiece, three-speed zoom [0.6x, 1x, 1.6x], with two objective lenses F=200mm and F=250mm, total magnification is 4.8X -16X, built-in green and orange filters, fine-tuning distance 10mm; 10w LED coaxial lighting, adjustable illuminance; twosection arms with weight adjustment and locking device; twosection long columns, five-star base; DC12V3A power supply Adapter power supply.



Optional: beamsplitter: USD215.00

demonstrator USD250.00

Camera adapter: USD205.00

XCAM1080PHD camera: USD380.00

Monitor: USD280.00

Monitor mount: USD95.00



TZS 26,200,000.00Price
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