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  • Innovative a-Si Cassette-Size, 17x17-inch, 3072*3072, tethered cassette-sized FPD for radiographic imaging. It features a 139 μm pixel pitch with direct deposition Csl, and with a reliable AED enables a smart workflow. It is the optimal choice for a high. end DR system.
  • Cassette detector fits in bucky
  • 139 μm pixel pitch, with 16 bit ADC for more image details
  • Direct deposition Csl for better image quality with lower dose
  • Stable iSync+ Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)
  • Highly reliable, flexible tether
  • Supports a fast and effcient workflow


Remark: 3072*3072

Venu 1717X Wired X-ray Flat Panel

TZS 65,000,000.00Price
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