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  • Eepiece magnification: 12.5X Alf wide-angle eyepiece
  • Focal length of objective lens: 200mm
  • Working distance: 192.74mm
  • Primary mirror magnification: 5X--25X, electric/manual continuous poleless doubling
  • Field of view diameter: 11mm-82.5mm
  • Visual adjustment range: ±6D
  • Pupil distance adjustment range: 55mm-75mm
  • Illuminating source: four groups of light sources, using 15V/150W, cold light coaxial lighting
  • German OSRAM halogen lamp, four level dimming
  • Coaxial illumination: ≥50000LX
  • Horizontal arm extension radius: ≥1230mm
  • Vertical adjustment range: ≥550mm
  • Fine tuning speed and stroke:≤1.5mm/s,≥40mm
  • X/Y coordinate moving speed and range: ≤1.5mm/s, ≥40mm
  • Power supply voltage and frequency: 220V+10% 50Hz


HXT-X-6A surgical microscope

TZS 92,200,000.00Price
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