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  • Patient Type: Adult, Pediatric, Neonata (Requires optional Neonata kit)
  • 15.6 "TFT touch screen (18.5" optional), the screen supports 360 degree rotation left and right.
  • Both invasive and non-invasive modes make the unit wide applications.
  • Integrated self-check system with leak check and system tightness to secure the ventilation
  • Automatic leakage compensation by the unit provides is giving to optimize respirator settings.
  • Two Lithium batteries guarantee the unit usage up to 6 hours.
  • Manual settable Inspiratory pause from 0.1-6seconds. AMV mode can minimize the work of breathing under the target minute ventilation.


Remark: Optional: Neonata kit: 600USD

HV-V6 ICU Ventilator

TZS 607,000,000.00Price
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