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  • 4D color doppler machine

  • 19 inch"+10.4 touch LED  monitor

  • Black-and-white image: B, 2B, 4B, right/left B|M, B|D, right/left PW(D), top/down PW(D), M, B mode local amplification, linear probe trapezoidal imaging, 3D reconstruction/real-time 3D imaging

  • Blood flow images: spectrum: B/BC, BC/B, B/D, B/C/D  CFM: B|C|D, B|C|M, B|C double real-time, PW(D) (D) ,CFM, CPA, CW


Remark: Convex probe/Liner/Microconvex array transducer/Phased array transducer/4D Volume transducer/Transrectal array transducer are optional

HUC-900 4D color doppler ultrasound diagnostic system

TZS 100,800,000.00Price
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