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  • 15" LCD monitor, 1 transducer connectors

  • DICOM 3.0, Hard Disk 128G,Built-in Battery

  • Imaging modes: B, B/B, 4B, CF, PDI, DPI, PW,TDI, B+CF, Color M-mode,Anatomic M-mode,TSI, THI, iTHI, HPRF,B+PW (realtime double synchronization ), B+CF/PDI/DPDI+PW (real-time triple synchronization),CW (B/C: HPRF, D: CW), Phased array probe

  • Convex array extended imaging.

  • Linear array deflection/trapezoid imaging, contrast imaging.

  • Anatomic M-mode imaging.

  • Space compounding imaging


Remark: Optional:3.5 MHz Convex probeTransvaginal probeLinear Probe (7.5 MHz)Transrectal Probe Phased array probe4D Volumetric convex array (Inlcude 4D Module)

HUC-570 color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic device

TZS 61,000,000.00Price
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