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  • 12' high-resolution LED monitor;
  • 128 Element, Windows PC system
  • Update to 4D, Real time 4D Imaging;
  • Exquisite image quality and excellent stability;
  • Application: Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Small parts, Artery, Superficial organ, Orthopedic, Cardiology.
  • 6 Languages support 
  • lclear: Speckle Noise Reduction
  • THI:Tissue Harmonic Image
  • CDF:Continuous Dynamic Focusing" Panoramic Image(option)•
  • Trapezoid Image(option)
  • Continuous Wave Doppler(option)


Remark: Trans-vaginal / micro-convex / phased array / 4D volume probes are optional

HUC-350 Hand-carried 4D Color doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System

TZS 36,500,000.00Price
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