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  • 12.1″High definition LED monitor, Linux system

  • 2 Activated transducer connectors

  • Raw data storage for offline report and parameter adjustment, 500GB large storage capacity

  • Image Mode: B, B Steer, 2B/4B, M, B/M, CDFI, PDI, CM, PW, AMM, CW, TDI (TVI, TVD,TVM, TEI), Panoramic, Color Panoramic, Trapezoidal.

  • Extended Imaging (EFov), TSI, THI, Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI), Spatial Composite Imaging (SCI), Frequency Composite Imaging (FCI), B/C/D Chromatic Imaging,


Remark: Liner /Trans-vaginal / microconvex / phased array / Transrectal transducer probes are optional

HUC-320 Hand-carried Color doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System

TZS 36,500,000.00Price
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