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  • It is mainly used in delivery room, baby ward, NICU in which baby's maximum weight is up to 10KG. .
  • Different concentrations of medical oxygen will be configured by adjusting the proportion of oxygen and air.
  • It is equipped with an inside alarm system for differential pressure. When alarming, the safety valve will start automatically, and then produces the mixed gas continuously to ensure the safety of patient.
  • Adjust the oxygen concentration from 21% to 100% optionally. The range of oxygen concentration is from
  • 21% to 100% and is adjusted separately with the flow.
  • The range of flow rate is 5L/min~I 5L/min.
  • The MAX-P and PIP are controllable and accurate.
  • The PEEP is constant and accurate.
  • Simple operation and flexible application.
  • The output pressure will not be influenced by operator's lack of experience, training, attention and relaxation.
  • Replacement for temporary breathing support.

HR-3000B Infant Resuscitator

TZS 94,500,000.00Price
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