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  • Lens resolution: 1/4"super HAD color CCD,80,0000 pixel;
  • Lens axial resolution: 470 lines;
  • Lens S/N: 50dB;
  • Lens focus distance: standard 100~400mm; support: 10~1000mm;
  • Scan range: 2.5mm-20mm-320mm;
  • Depth of Field: 15mm-40mm 15mm-480mm;
  • Lens zoom: 1~128;
  • Lens focus: AF/MF;
  • Lens white balance: AWB;
  • Lens lighter type: LED;
  • Lens image output interface: Video, S-video, PAL;
  • Lens lighter type : LED ring , phosphorus gallium arsenide high brightness , longevity light source group (average life 100,000 hours);
  • Lens video-output: PAL, VBS-standard 1.0Vp-p;
  • Power Requirements: AC220V ±10%;
  • Power Rating : 500W;
  • Brightness adjustment: Automatic electronic shutter;
  • Ambient temperature: -40°C to +50°C; *Storage temperature : -20°C to +60°C;
  • Relative Humidity: 30~80%RH.


Remark: Standard configuration:SONY Colposcope+Laptop computer+Capture box+Tripod+SoftwareWithout PC can reduce


HKN-2100 Portable Colposcope

TZS 10,150,000.00Price
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