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  • Input power:Voltage: AC220V ± 22V, frequency: 50/60 Hz±1Hz;
  • Power capacity: ≥5kVA; Inner resistance≤0.5Ω
  • Maximum output power: P =100kV×50mA=5kW
  • Nominal power: 50kV,100mA,0.1s,5kW
  • Frequency: ≥40kHz
  • mA adjusting range: 20mA100
  • Iray digital detector: 17X17inch Wireless 110V power supply adds 155USD


Remark: standard configuration:17*17 Wireless Detector aluminum boxtouch screen computer

HFX-05D Digital Portable X-ray System

TZS 127,800,000.00Price
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