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  • Measurement of O2 concentration:  O2 Limit alarm
  • Settable range:  21%-100%, Accuracy: ±5%
  • O2-Air Control mode: Software
  • Flow control Settable range: 2-70L/min
  • Accuracy: ±5L/minHigh flow mode25L/min80L/min
  • ±2L/minLow flow mode2L/min25L/min
  • Temperature: 3137,7 levels, Accuracy: ±2 IP Classification: IP X1




Connect with High flow oxygen

Auto FiO2 setting

Flow rate: 2~70L/Min

Humidifier chamber + nasal cannula + oxygen tube+trolley


HF7 High Flow Heated Respiratory Humidifiers

TZS 15,600,000.00Price
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