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  • Cleaning enzyme alarm, insufficient alcohol alarm, too dirty filter alarm or too low water pressure alarm, endoscope leakage alarm, drainage blockingalarm, too low water level of disinfection trough alarm.
  • There is thewhole process of automatic continuous monitoring.In case of any leakage, it can timely alarm, and achieves automatic drainage, protecting the endoscope effectively.
  • It can automatically record the number of times the disinfectant use and display the text on the screen.
  • Enzyme washing function: it can add cleaning automatically according to the proportion of different brands.
  • Alcohol function: it can spray alcohol automatically, and then blow dry automatically after spraying alcohol according to the amount. Liquid crystal display: the separated operation interface from the adjustment part makes operation simple Sterilization time can be adjusted as requested.
  • Foot operated electric switch avoids secondary pollution caused by removing toxic endoscope after opening the cover by hand.


HEWD-1000 Auto Endoscope Washer-Disinfector

TZS 43,800,000.00Price
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