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  • Rating power:5000VA

  • Integrated System (Generator Integrated within the main device)

  • High voltage generator output: ≥100 kHz, 20 kV to 40 kV increment step: 1 kV d)

  • Imported X-ray tube for Mammography: Standard

  • Molybdenum Anode, Focal Spot Size: 0.1 mm (Small)/0.3 mm (Large)

  • Spatial Resolution: >6 Lp/mm k)

  • Detector type: Amorphous Silicon Detector l)

  • Effective Imaging Area: 24*30cm


Remark: Optional: AEC USD2370.00 110V add USD550.00

HDM-700D High Frequency Digital Mammography System

TZS 565,000,000.00Price
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