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  • Image intensifierToshiba, tri-mode in sizes of  4.5"/6"/9"
  • X-ray tubeItaly IMD Brand,rotating anode, dual focus 0.3/0.6mm
  • x-ray generator5kw, 120kv, 40kHz
  • Anode thermal capacity150KJ/200kHu
  • Fluoroscopy40-120kv, 0.5-10mA
  • Radiography20-80mA, max. 100mA
  • Image Storage8 images storage
  • Monitortwo LCD 15" monitors


Remark: Optional: All-electric movement. Automatic USD790.00

HCX-30A High Frequency Mobile C-arm X-ray system for Fluorosocopy & Radiograph

TZS 194,700,000.00Price
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