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  • 3 inch LCD screen, Resolution, 1600*1200
  • Power: 12V, Rechargeable li-battery
  • Anti-fog laryngoscope blade, (Including camera), 2 mega-pixels
  • LED  800LUX Light source
  • Blade: Adult,Child,Infant and difficult
  • Fully Portable Video laryngoscope, 210g
  • Anti-fog,Reusable 304 stainless steel blade and disposable plastic
  • MAC 2, 3, 4 blades
  • Can be connected to bigger monitor and computer
  • Real-time take photo and video
  • Making the difficult airway easy and quick


Remark: Standard Configuration: 3# Stainless steel reusable blade,

Optional: 1, reusable blade:2#,4# blade,USD250.00/PC each size

Disposable plastic MIL00/MIL0/MIL1/MAC 2/MAC 3 USD2.00/PC each size


HBL01-II Video Laryngoscope

TZS 10,900,000.00Price
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