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  • The fiber optical laryngoscope can help anesthesiologist to solve all kinds of difficult intubation problems.
  • The newest HBL brand blades with curved use fiber optic device, the more advanced design, the more convenient use.
  • The cold light brightness of halogen bulbs increased by 40% than ordinary bulb.
  • Cold light blade is made of medical stainless steel, the handle connected with the gold plated electrode. connection is good, long use life, high performance.
  • The handle strictly designed according to seal and waterproof technology standard, with No.2 Alkaline battery,is suitable for various of blades.
  • complete sizes, many kinds of blades options.
  • blade size: 100mm,130mm,160mm


HBL-I/G fiber optical for adult

TZS 1,520,000.00Price
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