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  • Pneumatically driven electronically controlled system
  • Built-in Ventilator, 8.4'' color LCD display Screen
  • 5-Tubes flowmeters, O2&N2O&Air;0.1L-10L/min
  • Display screen: 7 inch screen
  • Gas source: O2,N2O
  • Vaporizer: 1pcs
  • Flowmeter: 4 tubes flowmeter
  • Back-up battery: Yes,Up to 3 hours
  • Ventilation modes: VCV, SIMV, A/C, MANUAL, STAND-BY
  • Waveforms: P-T, F-T Tidal Volume:40-1500ml with ACGO


Remark: Only one vaporizer is standard

Optional: vaporize: USD710

HA-201A Anesthesia machine (7'' screen)

TZS 33,700,000.00Price
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