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Pressure Monitoring: 500mmHg +700mmHg, Accuracy:±5mmHg, Mode:

  • Venous Pressure Monitoring(Vp)
  • Arterial Pressure Monitoring(Ap)
  • Transmembrane Pressure Monitoring(Tmp)
  • Primary Membrane External Pressure Monitoring (Pm1)
  • Secondary Membrane Pressure Monitoring(Pm2)


Liquid Balance Control:  Scale Number 4PCS

  • Rehydration Scale:0kg 30kg
  • Waste Liquid Scale
  • Auxiliary Rehydration Scale I
  • Auxiliary Rehydration Scale I


Flow Monitoring

1) Blood pump flow(BP)


3) Waste Liquid Pump Flow(UFP)

4)Function Pump Flow(FP)


  • Infusion pump flow Adjustable Range:0mL/h 10 mL/h
  • Substitution fluid flow temperature control Range: 33 40
  • Blood Leakage Monitoring 0.35mL/minHCT 32%
  • Air Monitoring: >0.02mL bubbles


Remark: Treatment Mode:

  1. CVVH-Continuous Veno-Venous Hemofiltration
  2. CVVHD-Continuous Veno-Venous Hemodialysis
  3. SCUF-Slow Continuous Ultrafiltration
  4. HP-Hemoperfusion
  5. PE-Plasma Exchange
  6. PA- Plasma Adsorption

H-5000B CRRT Four pumps two scales

TZS 107,000,000.00Price
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