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  • Adjustable sodium And UF profiling Enable Customized Treatment For Patients.
  • Convenient Process for Sequential Ultrafiltration and Dialysis.
  • High Volume Hemofiltration (HVHF) Is Available.
  • Kt/V Calculation Function Can Be Used For Evaluating the Sufficiency of Dialysis via the Urea Kinetic Model Volume Balance System.
  • Isolated Hemoperfusion Mode, Decrease the Normal
  • Hemodiafiltration Device Self-Detecting Time And The Dialysate Waste.

  • The Adaptive Regulation and Control System Effectively Avoids Various Complications. And Can Clear Middle and Small Molecules Toxin.
  • Automatic Disinfestation and Decalcifilcation by Many Kinds of Disinfectant Liquids and Picking Solutions.
  • Back-Up Power Supply For 30 Min After Electricity Off.

H-2028M single pump LCD hemodialysis machine

TZS 87,500,000.00Price
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