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  • Rectangular work chamber to maximize the effective volume, microcomputer temp controller, accurate and stable;
  • Tempered, bullet-proof double glass door for observation of interior items which is absolutely clear;
  • ox door tightness can be adjusted, whole-molded silicon rubber sealing ring to ensure the box inner high vacuity;
  • The work chamber is made from stainless steel plate (or wire drawing plate) to ensure it is wear well;
  • The vacuum drying box is series product, spec and model is divided according to different volume, see appendix for details;
  • Temp resolution:±0.1;
  • Temp fluctuation:±1;
  • Vacuity:133Pa;
  • Temp range, input, volume, shelf and so on refer to appendix.



  1. Input Power: 1400W
  2. RT+10250;
  3. Interior Dimensions:  415×370×345mm;
  4. Chamber Material: Stainless steel

    DZF-6053 50L Vacuum Drying Oven

    TZS 6,650,000.00Price
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