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  1. Microcomputer intelligent digital temperature control, accurate and stable, can display the set temperature and chamber interior temperature, it has alarm function for excess temperature, electric leakage, sensor fault as well as timing function;

  2. Low noise fan and suitable duct to form the hot air circulating system, heated dry air directly act on objects to dry and disinfect; 3. The thermostatic air blowing dryer is series product, spec and model is divided according to different volume, see appendix for details

  3. Temp resolution:0.1;

  4. Temp accuracy:±0.1;

  5. Temp fluctuation:±1;

  6. Timing range:19999min;



  1. Input Power: 1100W;
  2. Volume: 80L;
  3. Interior Dimensions: 450×400×450mm;
  4. Chamber Material: DGF9070,Cold rolled sheet;DGF-9070A Stainless steel

    DGF-9070 70 L Hot air Sterilizer

    TZS 2,650,000.00Price
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