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  • FiO2: 21%-100%(single FiO2 dial)
  • Flow: 6-60LPM
  • Pressure of source: Air/Oxygen@0.3-0.4 Mpa
  • Alarm: When gas supply pressure difference > 0.1
  • Mpa
  • Alarm Noise: >57 dB(A)
  • Number of output: Single
  • Number of flowmeter: Single

  • Accuracy of FiO2: 3%

  • Bleed Flow: 3 LPM



Optional: Chamber: 12USD Circuit: 24USD Cannula: 11usd Medical Air Compressor: USD1790.00


AD3000-SPA HFNC Adult High Flow Nasal Cannula

TZS 113,500,000.00Price
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