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  • Adopts Ferrotec specially-made Peltier, advanced fiber optic technology, new global wide-range power supply, the unique patented block dissipation technology and bottom detection mode, which provides better heating/cooling rate, temperature accuracy, uniformity and stability.
  • Has up to 96 sample capacity and fast speed of dual-color scanning, and the design of 5 channel detection also covers the whole fluorescence detection wavelength.
  • Newly-designed automatic hot-lid without manual operation ensures constant pressure for various tube heights.
  • This auto hot-lid mode could be easily integrated into various automatic systems. Its Windows tablet computer and new touch screen brings excellent operating experience.
  • Newly-improved detection system can satisfy various clients' requirement either for research or clinical use.



Remark: 96 wells


Linegene 9600 Plus

TZS 156,000,000.00Price
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